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High-School Teachers:
You need to be professional when you go to college. High-School dress-code reflect what COLLEGE classes expect you to wear.
Actual College Student:
I know this class is at 5:00 pm, but I'm wearing pajama pants and a tank top.
Actual College Professor:
lol same.

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Think of it this way…


The Avengers are every person you see in high school.

The shy nerd


The asshole you just can’t hate


The hot foreign guy


The athlete


The quiet guy who’s always playing guitar and probably smoking something


His bitchy/bad ass girlfriend (depending on if she likes you or not)


The emo kid that somehow gets all the chicks


And that one cheerleader that EVERYONE knows has a hard-on for the athlete


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A playlist for those times when your world isn’t quite what you hoped it would be:

Say - John Mayer
This Isn’t Everything You Are - Snow Patrol
Even Robots Need Blankets - Mayday Parade
Even My Dad Does Sometimes - Ed Sheeran
A Better Place, A Better Time - Toh Kay
Us Against the World - Coldplay
Better Days - Goo Goo Dolls

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